International Apostille authentication

Document authenticaiton
An international apostille is a form of authentication used to make a document eligible for recognition in particular countries. International Apostille is a common term nowadays, used when individuals or corporations seeking to use a particular document in foreign countries for specific reasons. It could be to use a Certificate of Single Status to marry someone abroad, or if you have a business and would like to export products overseas. Figure out more about what we mean by the term Inte...
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Document authentication Services

What is document authentication? Document authentication for the intent of using the document overseas is a broad field that requires you to know lots of information in regard to procedures and steps demanded by the country where you intend to use your document. You should be well aware of many variants before requesting the authentication, such as the specific requirements for the type of your document. Additionally, Secretaries of State may require various demands to complete the authen...
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Chinese embassy document authentication

Chinese embassy authentication services China is considered as a non-participating country in the Hague Convention. Thus, to use your documents over there, you will need to follow some legal procedures placed by China embassy to use your documents in their country, whether personal or corporate documents the instructions are the same. Bear on mind that Hong Kong and Macao accepted the Hague Convention. Therefore, if you are travelling to one of those cities, you will only need the apostil...
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Requirements to obtain the Apostille Seal

Secretaries of State requirements to obtain the apostille Seal. Apostille SOS Requirements for obtaining the apostille may vary slightly from one state to another; however, the essential requirements are the same. After the Hague Convention apostille treaty, many countries agreed on unifying the authentication of documents in order to be used and recognized abroad, that’s why the demanded requirements by Secretaries of State are mostly Unified. You can have more understanding of th...
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