Egypt Legalization

One Day Apostille provides expedited Egypt legalization to use your documents in Egypt.

Egypt legalization is a form of authentication used in order to make documents eligible for use and recognized by Egyptian authorities, to obtain such authentication you must legalize your document from the consular office in the embassy/consulate of Egypt.

Egypt legalization steps

To get Egypt legalization for your documents you will need to get the document authenticated from your local Secretary of State, the U.S. Department of State, and eventually obtain Egypt Embassy legalization.

Because Egypt is a member in the Arab League, you will to obtain the US Arab Chamber of Commerce stamp as well, as your shipment may be held in customs until the USACC stamp is affixed.

This article will serve as an explainer piece of information of our services and fees to legally export your products to Egypt.

Breakdown of service charges:

Service (per document)


Maryland Secretary of State authentication


One Day Apostille service fee


Egypt embassy/consulate fee


Arab Chamber of Commerce fee 





  • The above-mentioned prices don’t include mailing fees.


On average 2 days delivery will cost you $40.00 only for the shipping of your document; however, we provide our clients with the same exact service for $22 to ship and return of your document as well.

We also provide next day delivery of your document (shipping and return) for $50.00

But you’re having the freedom either to use our FedEx service or to use your own FedEx account for the shipping of your document.

Time to process your document doesn’t take much in regular business days, but due to the current COVID-19 situation; the processing time may take longer than expected. 

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What is the suitable type of authentication for you?

Well, as long as you’re reading this page, it means that you are looking to obtain Egypt legalization and you know what you are looking for, but in case you are looking to use your document in any other abroad country; then you need to read the following paragraphs.

When presenting your document to another country; the form of authentication that you will need will be depending on your destination.

Generally, there are two forms of authentication:

  • Apostille which is a unified process of authenticity for countries belonging to the Hague Convention.
  • Embassy/Consulate Legalization process which is for other non-participating countries like Egypt.

To legalize a single document from the Egyptian embassy in Washington DC by yourself, you must go through a tiring legal process that consume a lot of time and effort.

Especially, if you export tons of products to Egypt in a regular basis; then you will have dozens of documents that you will need get Egypt legalization on them, in order to legalize the exportation of your products overseas

But don’t need to go through all these processes as long as you have a trusted partner in the legalization field.

One Day Apostille is one of the leading agencies that offers Apostille and Embassy legalization for Egypt and other foreign countries.

We offer Egypt legalization from Egyptian embassy/consulates in the fastest time possible and at minimal price points.

In addition, One Day Apostille provides discounted FedEx services for the return of your document at the lowest rates you will ever find.

Let’s jump into action …

What are the documents that One Day Apostille provide Egypt legalization for?

We provide expedited Egypt legalization services for a variety of documents types, starting from corporate documents such as Articles of Incorporations, Business letter, Certificate of Incumbency, ISO Certificate … Etc. And personal documents like Birth, Death Certificate, and marriage, divorce certificates.

The list goes on as we provide Egypt legalization for FDA (Food and Drug Administration) documents and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) documents, and other commercial and educational documents.

Check this page to figure out in more details the document that could be legalized by the Egyptian embassy in Egypt.


What do you need to do before send your documents to One Day Apostille?

Prepare your document.

You must provide us with an original copy of your document in order to authenticate it.

There are two cases:

First one, if you have a governmental-issued certification that had been issued from a certified government official such as Court clerk, County clerk, a State registrar, or a jurisdiction power; then you will not need to get your document notarized. Examples of such documents are vital records.

Second one, if you have a corporate document or an affidavit that HASN’T been issued by one of the law enforcement agencies; then you must notarize your document before a commissioned Notary Public in your local state.

How to legalize certificate of origin to be used in Egypt?

Certificate of origin is an important international trade document that certifies that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

They declare the ‘nationality’ of the product and also serve as a declaration by the exporter to satisfy customs or trade requirements.

One Day Apostille provides Egypt legalization for Certificate of origin in addition to the stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce which is highly required by Arab countries, as you shipment may be held in customs until the USACC stamped is affixed on certificate of origin.

Any extra questions?

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