How to Get FBI Criminal Background Check Apostille


Apostille Criminal  Background Check is a required certificate to use an FBI Background Check in any of the Hague Apostille Convention Countries. you may obtain an FBI Apostille Background Check from the US Department of State in Washington DC. However, you will need to learn how to get your FBI Background Check first from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And One Day Apostille is here to help you with that.

FBI Criminal Background Check apostille

The process to get an FBI Apostille Background Check may become a little complicated and a time- consuming process if you couldn’t understand the right procedures to get your FBI Apostille Background Check easily and timely. One Day Apostille will explain the whole process as easy as:-


  1. Get your Fingerprints scanned in any Live Scan location

  2. Contact an FBI Approved Channeler and order your Background Check.

  3. Receive your FBI Background Check result from the Channeler.

  4. Send your result to One Day Apostille to get your FBI apostille Background Check.

FBI Approved Channeler

The Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI has assigned 13 private agency to process the FBI Background Check on behalf of its customers to save a lot of valuable time as the FBI used to process FBI Background Check in more than 3- 6 weeks.

The FBI Approved channelers have shortened the process to take only 3-5 business days depending on the channeler. You may visit to see prices and turnaround time of the FBI Approved Channelers.

Get your FBI Criminal Background Check apostille from DC apostille

One Day Apostille is a private attestation agency that provide expedited FBI apostille background Check for use in any of the Hague Convention Countries. you might also get embassy legalization for FBI background Check if you are going to use your FBI background Check in the Non-Hague Convention countries