Requirements to obtain the Apostille Seal

Secretaries of State requirements to obtain the apostille Seal.

Apostille SOS

Apostille SOS
Know more about Secretaries of State requirements to obtain the apostille seal

Requirements for obtaining the apostille may vary slightly from one state to another; however, the essential requirements are the same.

After the Hague Convention apostille treaty, many countries agreed on unifying the authentication of documents in order to be used and recognized abroad, that’s why the demanded requirements by Secretaries of State are mostly Unified.

You can have more understanding of the apostille stamp, how and when it was created: what is the apostille stamp.

As you probably realize, there’s a big difference between apostille and legalization, we will not cover the entire story here, but we’ll give you a quick glimpse.

Previously, each country was having its own requirements in order to be able to use your document over there, which created a lot of complexity of course due to many steps and procedures involved in the process.

On the other hand, Apostille -as we mentioned before- is a unified form of authentication that many countries agreed on. Obviously, apostille attestation is much easier and saves a lot of time and money.

How to obtain the Apostille Seal?

Apostille SOS requirments
apostille SOS Requirement

In a nutshell, here are the essential requirements by Secretaries of State to obtain the Apostille Seal:

  • Notarized document (if required depending on the type of document).
  • A cover L contains; your name, address, name of the country where you wish to use your documents, and an email address.
  • A self-addressed envelope for the return & a prepaid airbill if you wish to use express mail.
  • A check or money order payable to the Secretary of State.

It’s worth mentioning that some secretaries of state require a signature from the clerk’s county where the document was issued before authenticating the Apostille on your documents.

Such as Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Tennessee, and New York.

Such as Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Tennessee, and New York.

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