USDA Apostille | United States Department of Agriculture Apostille

One Day Apostille offres expedited Apostille service for documents issued by the US Department of Agriculture Office such as USDA Apostille

One Day Apostille assists U.S. corporations obtaining federal apostille for all documents related to Trademark and Patent and destined for international use.

However, there might be a little difference in the authentication process between using USDA Documents in a Hague Convention Participating Country or not.

Once you’re done reading this post, you will know what type of certification you need for your US Department of Agriculture documents.

Price: $57.00 Per Document.
Processing Time: 20 Business Days

One Day Apostille provides expedited USDA Apostille for all related documents for use in the Hague Convention Participating countries. Within 3 business days, we will hand-deliver your documents to the US Department of State in Washington DC, receive it back after 4 business days and ship it back to you on the same day using your prepaid return airway ticket.

One Day Apostille offers the lowest apostille service fees available all over the United States. We charge only $50.00 per Apostille from The US Department of State in Washington DC.

You can check a list of the Hague convention participating countries Here

How to apostille USDA ?

Send us an envelope that includes your US Department of Agriculture USDA, your payment, your prepaid airway ticket to our Washington DC address. We will process your documents within only 4 Business Days, in charge of $50.00 per Document.

USDA Embassy legalization

If you could not find your destination country is not a member to the Hague convention participating countries, you will need to get the legalization of the foreign embassy in Washington DC. One Day Apostille provides USDA embassy legalization for use in the Non-Hague Countries.